Mood of the day: Jane Atche – Job, 1896


Jane Atche - Job, 1896 (Lithograph in color, linen-backed)

Lithograph in color, linen-backed)


C.J. Chueca, where the walls have a name

What I love about Art, is whatever the subject you have in mind, there is always an artwork which will match perfectly your feelings or illustrate your life.
Today, the theme was going to be ‘decluttering’ and after filling big bags of various old clothes ready to give to Trade, I find this:

C.J. Chueca - Shoes in a trash bag, 2016

C.J. Chueca – Shoes in a trash bag, 2016 (Hand built ceramic)

This is visually close enough of what I have in my room right now, except this one is made of ceramic.

This curious artwork has been part of the artist’s solo show in New York called ‘Illuminations of Angie’ at the Y Gallery.

Installation view, C.J. Chueca at Y Gallery, New York, 2016

Installation view, C.J. Chueca at Y Gallery, New York, 2016

At first, the various walls and objects are not visually appealing, it looks dirty, unclean… but looking at it closer and reading its titles (walls are called ‘body’, objects got first names) you soon realise most of these are in fact portraits.
By this, her reproduction of a street landscape, that we all encounter in big cities, stop to be anonymous and tells a story full of humanity and not without humour.
As it to reveal the true nature of things, it only starts by giving it a name.

You can read here a great interview of the artist about her show.

All pictures copyright are from Artsy and Y Gallery.

C.J. Chueca - Body#4, 2014

C.J. Chueca – Body#4, 2014

C.J. Chueca - Kid, 2016

C.J. Chueca – Kid, 2016 (Hand Built Ceramics)

C.J. Chueca - Angie, 2015

C.J. Chueca – Angie, 2015 (Hand Built Ceramic)

C.J. Chueca - Pale body, 2016

C.J. Chueca – Pale body, 2016

C.J. Chueca - Jay, 2016

C.J. Chueca – Jay, 2016 (Hand Built Ceramic)

A French leave for a new start…

I quit my job last week and today is the first day where I don’t have to get up for a dreadful morning commute and doing useless tasks for other people.
I was a private PA, you see, and even if the money was good, this was not who I am and therefore left.

I am not sure yet how exactly I feel about it, but after several days of continuous stress, questions regarding my future, I do believe this is for the best.
Look, I am even writing again and feel better already.

How to know this was the right choice? I am in my flat, alone, everything is silent, writing on this laptop and… even if I have no idea how I will manage all this, I know deep inside that I am happier here and now, than working in this office for this (very!) wealthy and ridiculously intense couple.

so… let’s start this!

Art of the week: Dozier Bell, Departure, 2017

Dozier Bell - Departure, 2017

Dozier Bell, Departure, 2017

Gary Csuk, Family Christmas, 2015

Because tonight is Christmas and many will share this moment with their family, I wanted to share one of my favourite photography of Gary Csuk, which I find perfect for today :


Gary Csuk, Family Christmas, 2015

I discovered this photographer thanks to his series of portraits of people that he just meet in the street : partially staged, he tried to capture their true nature and environment, asking them to never smile and re-act as they were when he first saw them. Because his pictures are not raw shots, he is engaging with his subject, he really succeed to exalt their humanity whatever the background. They are simply humans, and not ‘characters’ and this is great to see (not sure what I am trying to say is clear enough…!)

As he says himself :

No matter what or who my subjects are, there is something about them that is beautiful and unique. Every house, every person, every setting has something that sets it apart.


For the picture’Family Christmas‘, this is slightly different as he staged with humor, his own family (still not smiling!) and I simply imagine the fun they probably had during the shooting, like in many of his other family portraits:


Gary Scuk, Grandmother, Grandson, 2015


Gary Scuk, Happy Mother’s Day, 2015

On this, I encourage to see more of his works here and here and wish you all a Merry Christmas !

Images Copyrights: Gary Scuk