And 127 years ago, an ear has been banged up…

Yep,  on the 23rd of December 1888, Vincent Van Gogh mutilated his ear …

In the morning of the 24th dec., the following day, police officers of the city of Arles, find the painter with the face filled with blood and took him to the hospital. Van Gogh did mutilated his ear after a violent argument with his friend and confidant Paul Gauguin.
Both artists were living together for several months, but the cohabitation became very tense in the workshop. In a moment of madness, Van Gogh threatened Gauguin before slitting his lobe, wrap it in a newspaper and then offer it to Rachel, a young prostitute that both men worshipped.

From this argument, the Flemish artist painted one of his most famous self-portrait where we see the painter smoking a pipe, the ear covered with a bandage…

That, is the thesis that the public knows, and which has also been supported by Gauguin himself a few years later.
However, other hypotheses suggest that Gauguin himself would actually have been the author of the accident. As a fencing amateur, he would have cut the left ear of Van Gogh before escaping to the capital.

Van Gogh committed suicide a few months later, carrying in his grave his version of this story …

Vincent Van Gogh, Self portrait with bandaged ear, 1888

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