MyeongBeom Kim, Untitled, 2008

Christmas is now over, so we can come back to normal now! 🙂

However, as I am still in my forest of SouthWest France and a friend of mine is getting to Richmond park today, why not sharing this surreal and magical sculpture/installation from MyeongBeom Kim with his beautiful deer and its lovely woody antlers.

I like in particular this artist, because he often incorporates the wildlife in everyday objects, creating a surreal world that we wish to be drowned into. However, all his combinations are not as charming as this one, but they are always thoughtful, and after seeing many of his other works, we realised soon that the status of the Nature in our society is actually questioned.
If only politicians would give correct answers!

MyeongBeom Kim, Untitled, 2008


MyeongBeom Kim, Untitled


MyeongBeom Kim, Untitled


MyeongBeom Kim, Untitled

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