Breath in, breath out and let’s meditate with Keira Kotler

After the stress of this day, I wanted to share the delightful Meditation Serie of Keira Kotler.

I LOVE her photographs.

She succeed to abandon completely the object and to magnify instead the simple but always variable connexion between colours and light, thanks to a brilliant out of focus.

And this is exactly what meditation is (at least for me!): peacefully releasing the focus we have in our mind on our daily struggles (work, love life, health, family…) and simply being, empty our head a little and enjoying our present and space for what it is.

If you are new to meditation, I would advise this following app here  . Free and simple, its big advantage is the person talking do not have an annoying voice like many other ‘guide’ !

Namaste! 🙂

Sample Page

Keira Kotler, Lavender Meditation [I Look for Light], 2015 


Keira Kotler, Pale Green Meditation #2 [I Look for Light], 2015


Keira Kotler, Rose Meditation [I Look for Light], 2015  
Keira Kotler, Teal Meditation [I Look for Light], 2013

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