Lluis Barba, The murderer threatened. Magritte, 2010

I know, I know… it is now several days I haven’t posted much…!
For my defence, work has been busier (seriously yay 🙂 , the commute has been longer due to the cancellation of many trains in the morning (too much sun apparently!), and… I have been hooked on the Netflix’ series ‘Making a Murder‘.

If you know this series, then you’ll understand why I have been quiet; if you don’t, just watch it! This is easily one of the best documentary seen recently.

Filmed over the course of ten years, this explores the story of Steven Avery, a poor and happy going lad, who has been wrongly accused by Manitowoc County of serious crimes… After spending 18 years for a rape who didn’t commit, the county accuse him for another rape but with murder this time.
I won’t go into details, but this story is just getting worst and worst.

Murder is an important subject in art, from biblical murder to political ones… but to illustrate this nonsense showed in this documentary, maybe the The murderer threatened. Magritte of Lluis Barba would be more appropriate.

This artist digitally manipulate images, and mix famous character of art history with contemporary people such as celebrities, or tourists, often using an imagery directly from the advertising language.

His pictures are therefore quite visually ugly in my opinion, but the one below depicts quite well the consumerism we can have for this subject, along with the manipulation seen in this documentary, and the power of the media for an audience always hungry for morbid stories…

Louis Barba, The murderer threatened. Magritte, 2010

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