London Art Fair 2016

The London Art Fair is not the Frieze and we may think our British artists/galleries may lack of originality sometimes, but it was still very pleasant to stroll along its alleys last night.

Many blanks, and other mono-colour works, (well, don’t get me wrong, I usually love them) lots of geometry/ highly graphic too, and more images of the wild, or fantastic worlds, more than usual.
Sadly, I haven’t took the artists names (still learning, right!?) and below are the few of my favourites I could retrieve…

Morgan Silk, Eucalyptus 1, 2012
Rosie emerson, Parade, 2015

Finally, I must admit..I completely fall in love with the Night’s Dream from Dan Hillier. Now a recurrent of many fairs, Hillier knows how to combine Victorian imageries with the nature, creating his own fantasy world, but this ‘queen’ in Buddha posture is truly mesmerising, much more that his other works!!

I am far to be rich, and I never thought I would buy something there. But here she was, I couldn’t stop staring at her, so… she is now mine! 🙂



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