Scary Mosquitos…

Last week, several government in South America advised women to delay becoming pregnant, due to the rise of the Zika virus, which can cause microcephaly in infants contaminated in utero and other neurological complications for the adults. Every day since, we heard alarming news about it and authorities predict up to 4 million cases in the Americas for 2016.
Tonight again, the World Health Organisation declares public health emergency in response to Zika.
Scary isn’t? And all this because of mosquitos…

As an echo to the news, I searched then, representations of this tiny animal in art, and guess what! Here as well, this little one is scary as hell if not terrifying.
Actually, unlike other animals causing virus, or diseases and therefore death such as rats, snakes,.. Mosquitos seem to be the only ones having such negative connotations, and this, whatever the artist or the period, with the exception of Klara Kristalova and her mosquito boy.

Should we conclude that mosquitos are the universal symbol of threat?


Camille Kachani, Untitled, 2015 (?)
Feng Shu, Mosquito, 2005
Sun Xun, Insects archaeology No.3 , 2005
Ara Alevina, Mosquito / “Sivrisinek”, 2012
Sun Kun, Insects archaeology, 2005
Klara Kristalova, Mosquito Boy, 2014

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