House dreaming…

Like many Londoners, I dream to own my place here, but with the housing market going crazier and crazier every day, the only affordable home I can have is apparently a barge… could be fun, original, but… heu.. nope!

I still look at properties websites and find sometimes my sort of ideal home (not sure the link will work for a while, but anything from Urban space website would do!) but hey dreaming doesn’t cost much.

So when I found here this Victorian town-house here redesigned by APA, oh gosh, I want it!
A little bit tiny (remember, I grow up in forest so like big space) but it is so cute! I like the light given by the big window, it has a garden, good neighbourhood, lovely bathroom and so much potential!!! It is easy to imagine what to do with this, putting plants there, woody furniture but keeping at the minimum…

I don’t know the price but this is surely much more than I can afford, but hey, as I said, dreaming is free…








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