Hiroshi Sugimoto, Stadium Drive-In, Orange, 1993

Because… I cannot wait to go to the cinema tonight, I wanted the share this stunning series from Hiroshi Sugimoto.

As some may have noticed already, I love blank images, black and white photography but also early photography and other daguerreotype pictures, therefore his photographs combine perfectly all these little obsessions of mine.

This Japanese artist uses a 19th-century-style thanks to an 8×10 large-format camera with a very long exposure and the results are always flawless and highly stylized.

For him, photography has also a philosophical function, quasi metaphysic. He investigates with this medium the notion of time, temporal existence, history, which can also be seen in his other series of seascapes, Buddhist sculptures, waxworks and architecture.

“I imagine my vision then try to make it happen, just like painting,” He says. “The reality is there, but how to make it like my reality.”

Hiroshi Sugimoto, Stadium Drive-In, Orange, 1993
Hiroshi Sugimoto, Cabot Street Cinema, 1978
Hiroshi Sugimoto, Cinema Odeon, Firenze, 2013
Hiroshi Sugimoto, Salle 37, Palais de Tokyo, Paris 2013
Hiroshi Sugimoto, Cinema Teatro Nuovo, San Gimignano, 2014

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