‘The Revenant’ : the nature magnified…

I went to see the movie The Revenant from Alejandro González Iñárritu and it was a long time I haven’t been so astonished in front of the screen…

The last time was in front of Mad Max in 2015 for its energy, bad-ass characters, and how it succeed to drown you in a parallel world, violent and arid. Here, the world is also violent, but slow paced, and even if the battles are superbly done, the most astonishing was the nature: sublime, vast, dangerous but strangely peaceful in the same time.

The filming took place in both Argentina and Canada. I am not familiar with these two countries, but the Canadian friend who was with me, confirmed that most filming was in British Columbia.
For more details regarding the location, please have a look here (and were all the pictures below are from), and don’t hesitate to see this movie on a big screen!!! It is beautiful but careful, you may wish afterwards to purchase a plane tickets to Calgary or Vancouver…!

Stunning places, right?






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