Alicia Tormey, Origin I, 2012

I hate Mondays… and today was particular awful with this bloody wind, the rain, the packed carriages on the trains due to severe delays on southeastern lines, the depressing meetings from 9am, the lazy flatmates who got the same level of energy than sloths (especially when cleaning is involved!)… aaargh!
So! In order to keep our spirits up, our good mood from the lovely weekend, I wanted to share the beautiful works from Alicia Tormey.

This American artist masters the technique of encaustic painting, which consists to mix the pigment of colors with hot wax (usually beeswax).
Very delicate and using specific tools for the ‘trait’ to be done before it dries, this method was popular during the Antiquity.

Her works (paintings, but also sculptures) are however very contemporary, and often depict a nature very colorful, creating a sort of fantasy world we would love to be surrounded by.

If you are interested by this technique, and you’re based near Seattle, why not follow some of her class here? ☺

Alicia Tormey, Caldera, (?)
Alicia Tormey, Jadeite,  2015
Alicia Tormey, Diva, 2015


Alicia Tormey, Quaesitor in Lucem (Seeker of Light), 2014
Alicia Tormey, Origin I,  2012

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