Bored by Coloring Books? Try this free one from the National Archives !

I enjoyed very much coloring books when I was a child, doing mandala-like when I was a teenager, so obviously I tried adults coloring books.
However, I was disappointed by their design/pattern : too boring, always similar, even too ‘girly’ in a way (in French, I would say Cucu la Praline, but there is no way I can translate this in English…!), too many flowery patterns…
Then, there is also the non-serious type of coloring books like the X-files, the swearing one, the Bill Murray… but again… quite disappointing overall…

But! thanks to the National Archives of the united States, I finally found a good one!

They released a free (yes,.. free!!) illustration book, showing 16 of their favourite patents from their holdings : from a 1889 hammock to a weird eye protectors for chickens, passing by candle holder… your eyes will wander in front of such creations and you will love colour these for sure!

You can download this free PDF here and share it on Twitter by using the hashtag #ColorOurCollections and tagging @usnatarchives.


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