Stuart Semple, Comatose Hangover, 2014

With my best friend, we went out last night, having  prosecco in the middle of Soho. Of course, we ended up to the G.A.Y., we danced, confided, laugh, met others friends on the way… yes, a good evening!
As it is easy to guess, my morning is not that great : it is midday, still in bed, huge headache, dreaming for a pizza to delivered NOW along with coffee and paracetamol.

Artists describe this feelings a lot, but the one which strikes me the most is the one from Stuart Semple.

His hangover is violent, regretful, and thankfully, very different of mine. At first sight, we may believe a normal ‘scream’ after a ‘heavy’ but happy night out with the bright colours used, but we soon focus on the blue comatose, on the mixed words, and it’s probably a different and terrific story coming out…



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