DAIN, Love de Brighton Beach, 2013

When I was a student at Sussex Uni, in Brighton, I wasn’t much found of this city: too quiet, too small, too cold and windy, transport quite expensive also… London was settled in my heart for many years already and with master of research to do, I was simply dreaming to have my time in this small town over, once for all.
However, my last minute weekend trip with my boyfriend in Brighton was a bliss! It was sunny an not windy, peaceful, delightfully small, but also friendly, easy to chat with people and having a beer or two on the way (and few tequila shots too..!? please, don’t ask!) and the sea, my friends, the vision of the vast sea!!!!! Such a wonderful change from London!

Now, goes Monday morning with my everyday commute, my 9am meeting, usual Monday tasks… (and therefore along my weekly morning blues) and all this joy seems now to fade away.
Therefore, maybe best to share the art of the week, with a very impermanent art too: street art pictures.

One of my favourite street artist is the American DAIN for his representation of beautiful and classy women, who are a little bit out of space on our urban walls. Putting the accent on the eyes and the lips, he uses collage in addition of the paint and graffiti to compose and animate them fully, for a more dramatic language.


Please, read here his interview with Station 16 to learn more about his persona and methods.
Pictures from Artsy.

DAIN, Transformational, 2014


DAIN, Left Handed, 2014


DAIN, Untitled, 2014


DAIN, Love de Brighton Beach, 2013


DAIN, The Crack In Me, 2013
DAIN, If The Shoe Fits, 2014


DAIN, Dos Vino Taylor, 2012

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