The stunning black and white landscapes from Michael Kenna

Because many of my friends are going on holidays today, I wanted to share the black and white landscapes from Michael Kenna.
This English photographer magnify each place, through a clever and unusual squared framing (especially before Instagram) with a very long exposure sometimes up to 10 hours. The result is stunning and we can only but admire his talent which transform a ‘boring’ road in the French country side in a hauntingly beautiful one…

Cristo Redentor, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 2008
Homage to HCB, Study 2, Bretagne, France. 1993
Ten Balloons, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. 1993
The Matterhorn, Pennine Alps, Switzerland. 1994
Fifty Two Birds, Zurich, Switzerland. 2008

Jackie Battenfield, Ripe, 2014

Who hasn’t looking up on a tree, on a sunny day and feel suddenly in peace, in harmony with the nature?

This is exactly what Jackie Battenfield felt during a meditation retreat in the 90’s and now transpose in her paintings. Inspired by East Asian art and in particular by Japanese ukiyo-e prints, she created her paintings based on her own photographs, using different support and medium such paper, horsehairs, bamboo leaves, mylar…

Poetic, with ‘translucent veils of colours’, her floating branching trees give the impression of being in a dream that we wouldn’t like to wake up.

Happy Monday all 🙂

Pictures ©:

Jackie Battenfield, Dragon cs2, 2015
Jackie Battenfield, Ghost Blossoms, 2015
Jackie Battenfield, Dragon, 2015
Jackie Battenfield, Ripe, 2014
Jackie Battenfield, Golden Deed, 2015
Jackie Battenfield, In Flames, 2012
Addison Ripley Gallery