Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant Hapus!

I had another article in mind for today, but as this is St. David’s Day, let’s share the stunning photographs of Wales from the self-taught photographer Jon Wyatt.

Like many of his works, his pictures magnify the nature, often wild and strong, with a clever game of black and white contrasts, pushed at its extreme, becoming then very similar to an ink painting.
His landscapes shots are majestic, cold, almost scary sometimes and inaccessible, but always beautiful.

Jon Wyatt, Landslide, Llantwit Major, South Wales (From the series The Sixth Extinction), 2013
Jon Wyatt, Kenfig Sands, South Wales, 2011
Jon Wyatt, Nash Point, South Wales, 2011
Jon Wyatt, Cliff footpath, South Wales, 2011
Jon Wyatt, Flooded fields, Porthkerry, South Wales, 2011

However, as Wales is also full of colours, with a divine language, here is a poem of Dafydd ap Gwilym (c. 1315/1320 – c. 1350/1370), one of the greatest medieval author of the country.

Nid ydyw Duw mor greulon
Ag y dywaid hen ddynion.
Ni chyll Duw enaid gŵr mwyn,
Er caru gwraig na morwyn.
Tripheth a gerir drwy’r byd:
Gwraig a hinon ac iechyd.
Merch sydd decaf blodeuyn
Yn y nef ond Duw ei hun.

God is not so cruel as old men tell us: nor will God cut off the gentle soul of a man for loving a woman or a girl. Three things are loved by the whole world: women, fine weather, and good health, and girls are the fairest flower in Heaven next to God Himself.

So… Fancy a trip to Wales now ? 🙂


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