More Guerrilla Girls!!!

Today is International Women’s day, and therefore a good opportunity to remember the works of the Guerrilla Girls.

With the moto ‘Reinventing the “f” word: feminism!’ this anonymous group wants to fight sexism but also racism in the art world.
How ? by exposing with facts the discrimination they are victims thanks to a clever poster campaign and using the advertising visual language.
However, this movement is not dead (they celebrate their 30th Birthday last year), and their fight is far from being over.
We are now in 2016, and we still don’t have the equal pay with men; in too many countries, abortion is a crime and girls don’t have access to education, too many are mutilated by female genital mutilation, we still need to explain (especially in public transport!) that my body is my property and no one else (this works for men also of course!)…
Therefore, we can only praise this activism and I would like so much to see more of feminism and not only in the art world, and not only on International Women’s day…!
All pictures:  ©Guerrilla Girls
1991 Guerrilla Girls


1991 Guerrilla Girls


2014 Guerrilla Girls


1989, Guerrilla Girls
2005, Guerrilla Girls


 2014 Guerrilla Girls
 2002, Guerrilla Girls



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