Flore Gardner, Speech Bubbles (YES), 2010

I know this has been a while since I haven’t written anything, but with Easter celebration, a friend’s wedding friend to prepare (including hen party!), the breakup with my boyfriend (which strangely I am super glad about..!) my mind was somewhere else, and I simply wanted a break, a time with zero other commitment (not even running!)…
Now back, relaxed, happy and fully recharged, let’s do this!

And as this is the wedding of my beloved friend this week, and I am currently writing the maid of honour speech, art of the week is Speech Bubbles (YES), 2010 of Flore Gardner.

This French artist embroiders lovely doodles on vintage photographs: I reckon this may be a simple idea, far from the technology of contemporary design, but this is also why it is highly sweet and adorable, sharing the same nostalgic flair than the souvenir of the scent of your grandma house or listening to an old song you used to love as a kid…

Happy Monday all 🙂
Flore Gardner, Chiasmus, 2012
Flore Gardner, Pious, 2014
Flore Gardner, Speech Bubbles (YES), 2010
Flore Gardner, Tears, 2013
Flore Gardner, Rain, 2014
Pictures from Artsy

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