Muga Miyahara, Tokonoma – Courage, 2007

Because, this is Monday only, my run tonight was a fail (well, simply because my stupid timer/GPS didn’t stop when I did ! #argh #runnerproblems), and this is the London marathon this Sunday (I am not running it, but a friend of mine does!! ;), the Courage from Muga Miyahara illustrating a feet seems perfect for the Art of the week.

This photograph is part of the series ‘Toko’ made of 15 shimmering silver gelatin prints. A Toko or Tokonama is in a Japanese home, a very special niche or alcove where important items (such as Ikebana flower arrangement, artistic, calligraphic roll, bonsai…) are displayed.

Here the artist uses this spaces to stage inanimate objects, each symbolising a status, a feeling: a giant black teardrop representing Sadness, a growth of roots from the ceiling for Aging, model planes above white smoke for fear…

You may find the whole series at the Micheko Gallery in Munich where the pictures below are from.


Muga Miyahara, Tokonoma – Sadness, 2007
Muga Miyahara, Tokonoma – Anger, 2007


Muga Miyahara, Tokonoma – Aging, 2007


Muga Miyahara, Tokonoma – Fear, 2007


Muga Miyahara, Tokonoma – Courage, 2007

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