The narrative photographs of Cig Harvey.

I absolutely love the atmosphere of Cig Harvey’s photographs, especially in her series “Gardening At Night”.

Here, she explores the notion of time and memory at its best, creating sort of still life of a family in their country house, as if the time suddenly stop. Focusing on a particular objects (hat, flowers…), natural element (bird, tree…) or body parts (especially the hand), she allows the viewer to generate his own version of the story, full of serious and secretive characters.

Each photograph is extremely cinematic, poetic and either very luminous or the opposite, very dark.
Therefore, there is a rare sensibility and fragility emerging from her pictures, where the natural elements (rain, fog, lake,…) are omnipresent, almost invading the space, adding a mystic touch to the composition.

b e a u t i f u l …

Cig Harvey, Kirsten in Lake Megunticook, 2014


Cig Harvey, Sadie & the Mirror, 2013


Cig Harvey, Spring Tree in Fog, 2012


Cig Harvey, Summer Rain, Syd, 2012


Cig Harvey, The Ferns, Devin, 2013


Cig Harvey, Velvet Leaf, 2014


Cig Harvey, The Magician’s Hat, 2014


Cig Harvey, Kendall, 2014
source for the pictures: © 2016 CIG HARVEY

#ART16 special : the ‘Hollywood stills’ of Paul Davies

Loving the minimalist architecture, especially the Farnsworth House of Mies Van der Rohe (‘Less is More’ Forever! 😉 or the Fallingwater house of Frank Lloyd Wright, it is easy then to be agape with admiration in front of Paul Davies’ art, while screaming inside “I want!”.

In ‘Hollywood stills’, quintessentially Southern Californian villas are set in beautiful natural elements, and as he using the cheerful colours of the American 50’s (did you say pop culture?), we would love to settle in, having a cocktail in a Martini glass near the pool…

Paul Davies, Shooting Stars, 2016


Paul Davies, Home Pool, 2015


Paul Davies, Home Mirror Flip, 2015


Paul Davies, Forest Flip, 2016

#ART16 special : weird and crazy ? yes please!

Because this is Wednesday only, the weather in London is grey and many in the office are currently super stressed, so let’s share ones of the most ‘WTF’ art seen as Art16.

Don’t get me wrong, I like this type of art too; it may be very ugly, weird, nonsense, disturbing, ridiculous but at least, this ‘thing’ makes you react, and this is exactly what art is in my view: a ‘thing’ without any other purpose than making you feel something.
There is nothing worst for an art work than being passed-by and unnoticed I guess!

Yoshiyuki Ooe, Flower Head #3, 2015


Yoshiyuki Ooe, Souvenir


Adrianna Eu, Eles querem seu pescoço [They want your neck], 2016


Jean-Paul Donadini, Brosse arrêtée grise et orange, 2014


Yang Maoyuan, Camel n° 2, 2014


 Wolfgang Stiller, Matchstickmen (detail)


Liu Bolin, Red Hand


Robert Bradford, Flower Poodle, 2016


Maria Rubinke, Yes You Can’t, 2016

#ART16 special : Katrin Fridriks and the perfect synergy of colours

There is no photography which can show the true quality of a sculpture and even the best print will never equal the texture and vivid colour of a painting, especially if it has large dimension.

This is particularly true for the works of Katrin Fridriks, who combines and whirl together the colours like no one. Even the basic combination of black and white of her new series New Wave & Gravity bring the spectator in another dimension, with an incredible and violent synergy.

It may reminds Jackson Pollock but this is the opposite of action painting as her pictorial coat is so much more detailed and crafted : absolutely perfect and highly impressive.

Art 16 is closed now but you can go to see her solo exhibition ‘Macrocosm’ at the Lazarides Gallery until the 9th June!

Katrin Fridriks, part of the New Wave & Gravity series, 2015


Katrin Fridriks, part of the New Wave & Gravity series, 2015 – details


Katrin Fridriks, part of the New Wave & Gravity series, 2015 – detail


Katrin Fridriks, Golden awareness n9, 2012


Katrin Fridriks, Arouraíos Kineítai Sýntoma na Mayfair, 2016
Wave & Gravity series : pictures from me
Arouraíos Kineítai Sýntoma na Mayfair and Golden awareness n9 : Arsty and

#ART16 special : the haunting city lansdcapes of Jeanette Barnes

If you follow my Instagram, you noticed I enjoyed very much Art 16, which took place again at the Olympia in West London.

Smaller than last year, the quality was still high, and as there is lots to talk about, I decided for this week to focus on few artists presented at this fair.

One who strikes me the most is the established Jeanette Barnes: in her depiction of busy cities, people are similar to agitated little ghosts dominated by the metropolis and its massive and stunning architecture.
We can see the influence of the early works of Paul Strand for the theme, but using the medium of charcoal and focusing less on the actual geometry of the architecture, she succeed to input a greater energy leaving the viewer a little bit dizzy in front of this massive urban buzz, but this is also how it is highly attractive!

Jeanette Barnes, Kings Cross Interior, 2016


Jeanette Barnes, Grand Central Station Interior – New York