Good morrow…

I know…. This has been more than a week that I haven’t written anything but… I have been busy! Between work, running, various events in the evening, meeting friends… and all yesterday binge watching Games of Thrones (I wish!) The Hollow Crown (especially the Henriad) currently on the BBC iPlayer…

I discovered Shakespeare as a teenager while reading Hamlet, Othello and Macbeth at first and instantly loved it for its stories, passion, fights and especially manipulative characters… It is this literature which drives me later to do a 2 years MA of Research about the relations between literature and painting in Great Britain, but this is also by disappointment in its representations made in the 19th C. that I preferred to focus my subject on the 18th C., visually more dull (with few exceptions) but more contemporary for its literary subjects and therefore more interesting in my view.

Shakespeare created amazing and violent plays, often without happy endings and where the ‘bad’ characters ‘wins’. You realise then, that despite the different time, customs, language used, he actually succeed to describe human beings by showing all their flaws and weakness whatever their sex or ranks and this is how, I believe, his stories are timeless.

This adaptation on the BBC is a pretty good work and the last Macbeth from Justin Kurzel (2015) is also excellent with amazing battles scenes and atmosphere (should I mentioned that the hot Michael Fassbender is playing Macbeth???)
Even now, most contemporary art doesn’t do his works justice (by far!) and for once, it seems that only movies (or moving pictures) seems to match the temper, and essence of his literature.

Lux Lindner, Las Brujas Esperan a Macbeth, 2014


Jack Milroy, Ophelia V, 2015
Philip Hanson, Sonnet 18 (Shakespeare), 2013


Andrea Stanislav, Lady Macbeth, 2014

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