Ricardo Mazal, Bhutan Abstraction G1, 2014

Ricardo Mazal’s works are beautifully complex: influenced by abstract expressionism, he explores the ‘spiritual in art’ with the themes of life, death, time, transformation… inspired by his numerous travels he did, from meditative pilgrimage in Tibet to the Odenwald cemetery in Germany where ashes are buried at the base of trees,  allowing then to nourish its roots.

Visually, the colours and composition of large format seems sometimes floating in the air, depicting the passage of time or more largely the succession of one status to another, which is an important notion in Buddhism (life to death and life again for ex.).

He also use the colours of the prayer flag of Bhutan, one of the most preserved Himalayan kingdom, in the series Bhutan Abstraction and we may see here an influence of Piet Mondrian approach for using a restrictive palette.

His methods are similarly erudite as he manipulate digital photography, using various computer programs in addition of oil paint.

This is for all these reasons it is easy to spend hours and hours in front of each work, which are, despite their similarities,  never the same and owning its individual magnificence.


Ricardo Mazal, BA Study with Yellow 5, 2015


Ricardo Mazal, Bhutan Abstraction G1, 2014


Ricardo Mazal, Bhutan PF19, 2015


Ricardo Mazal, Noche Transfigurada II, 2016

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