‘How Will You Create Beauty in the World?’

I went yesterday at the book launch of ‘The future is beautiful’.

Invited by a friend, I was sceptic at the beginning: people calling to change the world, and launching a book in a stylish hotel located in a trendy area of London, with DJ, and saying the future is beautiful…? Far from reality, no?

But, the hotel Ace, is a nice place (it remind me very much the hotel 25 in Vienna!) and everyone was very smiling and pleasant, so let’s see!

And what a pleasant surprise it was!!

I usually like to criticise and always try to find an argument to disable the opinion of the person who speak. Nothing too confrontational, but just a good practise to develop your own opinion and not take everything people say for granted.
Yesterday was the very first time that I find people – the authors at least, not the necessary the audience – sharing the same theories / visions of the world than me.

This book is a collection of 300 authors from different backgrounds, compiled and edited by Amisha Ghadiali, the creator of the movement of “Think Act Vote” , but this compilation is more of a big open question to us, as individual, on how we can make the world ‘beautiful’.

The choice of this word is important: what means ‘beautiful’? Something which satisfy, please us mainly visually but not only with also the notion of kindness.
And don’t we want all a world kind and pleasant to live in?

Last night, the authors talked mainly about the environment with a sensible approach and how our society lost the contact with time and the nature, but this was without blaming or patronising anyone, which is a change, and by staying positive whatever the situation is (anger, hate, negativity is not ‘beautiful’ after all)

I thought later on, they should have spoken too about education and found they missed this big topic, but only few contributors were there and the main goal of last night wasn’t about what they think, but more about what we can do:
Amisha invited us to close the eyes, and imagine our ideal world. Not an ideal world but our own ideal one. Then, she asked what we can do to start creating it? Third, open the eyes, and talk to the person next to you and share your idea.
To summarise: imagine, use your brain and act on it. Don’t wait for others (politicians, charities or whatever) to help you realise your dream, act by using your imagination, and make your voice/idea heard.

This was a good task/question and actually not an easy one despite the appearance.

I can’t wait to read this book and I truly encourage to have it here (free as an ebook!!)

Finally, with the awesome DJ and music, I truly believed that night, the future may be beautiful especially with such individuals in the world…