The narrative photographs of Cig Harvey.

I absolutely love the atmosphere of Cig Harvey’s photographs, especially in her series “Gardening At Night”.

Here, she explores the notion of time and memory at its best, creating sort of still life of a family in their country house, as if the time suddenly stop. Focusing on a particular objects (hat, flowers…), natural element (bird, tree…) or body parts (especially the hand), she allows the viewer to generate his own version of the story, full of serious and secretive characters.

Each photograph is extremely cinematic, poetic and either very luminous or the opposite, very dark.
Therefore, there is a rare sensibility and fragility emerging from her pictures, where the natural elements (rain, fog, lake,…) are omnipresent, almost invading the space, adding a mystic touch to the composition.

b e a u t i f u l …

Cig Harvey, Kirsten in Lake Megunticook, 2014


Cig Harvey, Sadie & the Mirror, 2013


Cig Harvey, Spring Tree in Fog, 2012


Cig Harvey, Summer Rain, Syd, 2012


Cig Harvey, The Ferns, Devin, 2013


Cig Harvey, Velvet Leaf, 2014


Cig Harvey, The Magician’s Hat, 2014


Cig Harvey, Kendall, 2014
source for the pictures: © 2016 CIG HARVEY

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