Blah Blah Blah on Bikes…

As I had to diminish my run, I am now obsessed with the idea to get on a bike and be finally free of the public transport.

Ok, not this type of bike:
(she is far to be the most intelligent woman nor the best actress, but gosh! BB will be always BB!!)

Russell Young, Brigitte Bardot on a bike

But more this one:

Stephanie Hartshorn, Blue Streak, 2015

or this one designed by Bart Van Heesch, which is coated in copper in order to avoid rusting over time.
(beautiful, innit?!)

Bart Van Heesch, copper bike, 2014

So, having purchased my helmet, I am now ready to start riding the city with the so-called Boris bike, but look at the equivalent designed for Bordeaux!!
So much better! Created by Philippe Starck with Peugeot, it is a bike AND a scooter. Isn’t it great? Sadly it seems there is a fault in the construction and therefore not in circulation since 3 years!!! 

Come on! Is there any other designer ready to take this challenge and finish this project???  Ideally for London??? Pleaaaaaase….!!!

Philippe Starck on his bike…



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