Travelling with Google street view

Since I am a kid, I LOVE maps. I used to travel a lot in my mind just at looking at it. So, now with google earth/ street view, this is even better!!! You can visually travel in many regions and for some that probably won’t see otherwise!
(pictures below snipped by myself and yep, I had fun doing it 🙂

US95, Nevada, USA
Pechenga, Murmansk Oblast, Russia


Soyo, Angola


Naryn Province, Kyrgyzstan

Google street view has also been the inspiration for the Belgian artist Mishka Henner in his series No Man’s Land. However, his focus is here on the prostitutes he found on the street in some industrial or rural zones in Italy and Spain. Quite unsettling at first, you realise then, that he gives us an opportunity to see a sort of anonymous and raw snapshots of a sad reality:

Contrada Vallecupa, Colonnella, Abruzzi, Italy


Calle de Iplacea, Alcala de Henares, Madrid, Spain


Carretera de Olot, Crespià, CT, Spain


Carretera de Rubí, Terrassa, Spain

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