The ‘Undressed’ series of Antonio Sannino

After spending a week in Barcelona and absolutely loved every single moment of it (the atmosphere, seeing friends who live there, the food, but especially the light (!!!), the sun (!!!), the heat (!!!), and the sea (!!!), in few words: the quality of life), coming back to grey London with its long and expensive commute, the cold, the rain, flat-sharing being a necessity… is harsh.

London is a crazy bitch: insatiable, expensive, but always renewing herself at a speedy pace, and gosh! I love her for it. However for me today, she is similar to one of the city landscapes of Antonio Sannino. Still beautiful, but so grey and tired by its energy accumulated over the years, anonymous, cold and without much horizon…

Argh, damned you holiday blues… !

Images: © Antonio Sannino and Liquid Art System

Antonio Sannino, Undressed 79, 2016


Antonio Sannino, Undressed 11


Antonio Sannino, Undressed 6


Antonio Sannino, Undressed 18, 2016


Antonio Sannino, Undressed 10


Antonio Sannino, Undressed 63, 2014

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