the stunning waterscapes of MaryBeth Thielhelm

I terribly miss the sea, its quiet rhythm, its sound, its horizon and its ever changing colour in accordance with the light…

The artist MaryBeth Thielhelm is one of the best to depict this unique and hypnotic atmosphere. Unlike the also talented Louise Lebourgeois who creates similar landscapes, her oil on panel are very large and less figurative which makes your mind wander even more and ready to meditate.

Plus, she also developed the technique of solarplate etchings: she takes first a photograph that she burns onto a light-sensitive plate using only water and sunlight. Therefore in addition to use a nontoxic and eco-friendly method, she is in total symbioses with the element that she depicts.


Images © 2016 Sears-Peyton Gallery

Mary Beth Thielhelm, White 0111, 2011
oil on panel
Mary Beth Thielhelm, Black Sea, 2014
oil on panel
Mary Beth Thielhelm, Blue Sea, 2016
oil on panel
Mary Beth Thielhelm, Deep Forest Sea, 2012
solar etching
Mary Beth Thielhelm, Salmon Rose, 2014
oil on panel
Mary Beth Thielhelm, Solar Etching Installation, 2015

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