How to travel with Bonnie Edelman’s Scapes series…

The Scapes series of Bonnie Edelman are terribly attractive.

Capturing grain fields, sea horizons, and sunsets from around the world, she chooses to blur the landscapes in such way, that she creates abstraction, bright and lively, where the horizon never seems to end.

Very colorful, we have, looking at it, the wonderful feeling to travel and discover new countries, while seating in a bullet train or in a plane.

Get me to this flight now…!

Images ©  Bonnie Edelman


The Dark Wave Forms series of Sean Dawson

Sean Dawson’s abstract paintings are highly attractive: huge, full of energy, ‘explosive’, colourful… One of my favourite is the series titled ‘Dark Wave Forms’ which was exhibited at the Buchmann Galerie in Berlin: more dark (well… obviously!) you love to be drowned into each details which could be an art work by itself.

L O V E   I T !!!

Sean Dawson, Dark Wave Forms, 2010
Sean Dawson, Dark Wave Forms, 2010 (detail)


Sean Dawson, Dark Wave Forms, 2010 (detail)
Sean Dawson, Deep Shadow, 2010
Sean Dawson, Deep Shadow, 2010 (detail)
Sean Dawson, Sol Om o, 2010
Sean Dawson, Sol Om o, 2010 (detail)

© Sean Dawson and Buchmann Galerie

The abstract realism of Kitty Chou

Today is Summer and of course it is raining a lot this morning (I’m living in London…). Therefore to welcome this lovely ‘paradox’ (again, living in London, not sure this is a real paradox), let’s share the beautiful works of Kitty Chou with her “Exploration of Abstract Realism”.

Being an artist or a photographer wasn’t her initial choice of career: studying ‘business administration’ at the University of Pennsylvania, she discovered the works of Henri Cartier-Bresson while visiting the Museum of Modern Art in New York and absolutely loved the way the French photographer managed the catch the right ‘instant’ in his pictures (and we won’t blame her for that 😉

Equipped with an SLR camera, she started to take pictures of the streets, her friends, always privileging the spontaneous, the real, sort of raw shooting without staging anything. But, from this impulse, she is still very careful with her frame and light. This is by controlling these 2 basic elements that she changes an everyday scenery in an abstract composition, a little bit like Ola Kolehmainen does with architecture, and create then her abstract realism.


© Kitty Chou – Ben Brown Fine Arts, London

Kitty Chou, Rain Man #1, 2012


Kitty Chou, Blue Jazz, 2007


Kitty Chou, Mesh, 2014


Kitty Chou, Paradox #1, 2013


Kitty Chou, Passage de Memoire, 2013  


Kitty Chou, Broken Lines, 2010


Kitty Chou, Yellow, Green & Pink # 1, 2012


Kitty Chou, Lines & Ripples # 3, 2013

#ART16 special : Katrin Fridriks and the perfect synergy of colours

There is no photography which can show the true quality of a sculpture and even the best print will never equal the texture and vivid colour of a painting, especially if it has large dimension.

This is particularly true for the works of Katrin Fridriks, who combines and whirl together the colours like no one. Even the basic combination of black and white of her new series New Wave & Gravity bring the spectator in another dimension, with an incredible and violent synergy.

It may reminds Jackson Pollock but this is the opposite of action painting as her pictorial coat is so much more detailed and crafted : absolutely perfect and highly impressive.

Art 16 is closed now but you can go to see her solo exhibition ‘Macrocosm’ at the Lazarides Gallery until the 9th June!

Katrin Fridriks, part of the New Wave & Gravity series, 2015


Katrin Fridriks, part of the New Wave & Gravity series, 2015 – details


Katrin Fridriks, part of the New Wave & Gravity series, 2015 – detail


Katrin Fridriks, Golden awareness n9, 2012


Katrin Fridriks, Arouraíos Kineítai Sýntoma na Mayfair, 2016
Wave & Gravity series : pictures from me
Arouraíos Kineítai Sýntoma na Mayfair and Golden awareness n9 : Arsty and

EXCEPTIONAL @ Scream Gallery, London

‘Exceptional’ may be a big title for an exhibition, but it is rare to see so many talented artists in one show, and to like every single piece exposed.
Each artist exhibited there, has developed their own language in abstract art, working on texture, architectural lines, and making unusual combination of materials such as spray paint with wax.
Visually, their perfect proportions/colors attracted inexorably the eyes, and especially Assembly Instructions of Augustine Kofie, which captivates even more as you progressively discover the different elements composing this piece.
EXCEPTIONAL @ Scream Gallery London, until the 20th May.
Danny Mellor, Within Reach Diptych, 2016


Olivia Turner, EH1 CT1, 2016
Augustine Kofie, Assembly Instructions, 2016


Steve More, White Syntax (viii),  2013


Martina Merlini, Untitled (Grid) 2015