The Audubon Mural Project

Created in October 2014, this brilliant project aim to raise awareness for endangered and climate-threatened species of birds via graffiti art / murals in New York City.

This idea came after the Audubon Report of the same year, which reveals that 314 (yes, 314!!!) native North American avian species are in serious danger because of climate changing.

Maybe because images are sometimes stronger than words, the National Audubon Society liaised with Gitler &_____ Gallery to create this eye-catching project aiming now to depict every one of the species on the list forming a meaningful outdoor gallery.

Artists from different nationalities participate, but also landlords, business owners: everyone is more than welcome to contribute.

And the result (either big or small) is always stunning and colourful!

Please have a look on their website here for more detailed information and more pictures.
Photo © : Mike Fernandez, Camilla Cerea/National Audubon Society


Peter Daverington, Bald Eagle, 2014


Graham Preston, Mallard, 2014


Ashli Sisk, Black-Chinned Hummingbird, 2015


Jason Covert, Brown Pelicans, 2015