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I know, not very cheerful, but…


The ‘Undressed’ series of Antonio Sannino

After spending a week in Barcelona and absolutely loved every single moment of it (the atmosphere, seeing friends who live there, the food, but especially the light (!!!), the sun (!!!), the heat (!!!), and the sea (!!!), in few words: the quality of life), coming back to grey London with its long and expensive commute, the cold, the rain, flat-sharing being a necessity… is harsh.

London is a crazy bitch: insatiable, expensive, but always renewing herself at a speedy pace, and gosh! I love her for it. However for me today, she is similar to one of the city landscapes of Antonio Sannino. Still beautiful, but so grey and tired by its energy accumulated over the years, anonymous, cold and without much horizon…

Argh, damned you holiday blues… !

Images: © Antonio Sannino and Liquid Art System

Antonio Sannino, Undressed 79, 2016


Antonio Sannino, Undressed 11


Antonio Sannino, Undressed 6


Antonio Sannino, Undressed 18, 2016


Antonio Sannino, Undressed 10


Antonio Sannino, Undressed 63, 2014

Kenna Moser, Renew, 2016

With the rain, wind, cold, grey sky we have in London right now, let’s travel with Kenna Moser’s works.

This artist based in Seattle, creates envelop/postcards-like, which you could easily believe that they come straight out of a magical and wonderful land.
How? Using real vintage cards as a base, she draws on it, tiny and delicate figures interacting with an oversized nature (plants, colourful flowers) and creative stamps from all around the world. The viewer is invited to decode the connections made between the different elements but also linked with the single-word title of the picture, creating his/her own version of the story.

It is visually similar to a children illustration book, and this is why many can nostalgically relate to it. However, her method is nonetheless comparable to the traditional method of painting : the various collages are glued to a wood panel before a hot layer of beeswax is applied, finalising the last details with oil paint.

The result is subtle and poetic, perfect for this gloomy Monday…


Kenna Moser, Apex, 2015


Kenna Moser, Match, 2016


Kenna Moser, Renew, 2016


Kenna Moser, Contemplate, 2016


Kenna Moser, Vantage, 2016

Alicia Tormey, Origin I, 2012

I hate Mondays… and today was particular awful with this bloody wind, the rain, the packed carriages on the trains due to severe delays on southeastern lines, the depressing meetings from 9am, the lazy flatmates who got the same level of energy than sloths (especially when cleaning is involved!)… aaargh!
So! In order to keep our spirits up, our good mood from the lovely weekend, I wanted to share the beautiful works from Alicia Tormey.

This American artist masters the technique of encaustic painting, which consists to mix the pigment of colors with hot wax (usually beeswax).
Very delicate and using specific tools for the ‘trait’ to be done before it dries, this method was popular during the Antiquity.

Her works (paintings, but also sculptures) are however very contemporary, and often depict a nature very colorful, creating a sort of fantasy world we would love to be surrounded by.

If you are interested by this technique, and you’re based near Seattle, why not follow some of her class here? ☺

Alicia Tormey, Caldera, (?)
Alicia Tormey, Jadeite,  2015
Alicia Tormey, Diva, 2015


Alicia Tormey, Quaesitor in Lucem (Seeker of Light), 2014
Alicia Tormey, Origin I,  2012