Karl Hyde, Saxophone Scribbles from Holes above our Head, 2010

Today has a been a long day at work and with my headphones listening various music, I was thinking how lost I would be without this rhythm which keeps me going, makes me dance, makes me feel alive!

This musical ‘moment’ happened when ‘I Exhale‘ from Underworld was playing.
I knew the band but not this title (new album!! out on the 18th March!!!), so as I was looking for more, I discover that one of his member, Karl Hyde, creates also abstract art, and it is not bad at all! (oh joy!)

Being a musician, it is not surprising most of his topics are music and dance related. But his method is rather unusual: according to Artsy, he translates into the paper his visions he had while he was dancing onstage, using then meditation (normally applied in the Japanese Zen calligraphy) to create the forms. Then, for a more violent echo to this dance, he will add more brushes, or in some occasion charcoal to capture the energy…


Karl, Hyde, BPM #6, 2013
Karl Hyde, It’s not the End of the World, 2011


Karl Hyde, Saxophone Scribbles from Holes above our Head, 2010


Karl Hyde, Dancing in the Wind, 2010
Karl Hyde, 3rd Wedding Dancer, 2014

and now on repeat… 😉
Underworld – ‘I Exhale‘