The perfect and complex works of Jaq Belcher

If you read this blog often (according to my stats, some are 😉 , you know I love white/blank pictures, geometry, nature and abstract, so how not to mention the works of Jaq Belcher?

The installations and paper cuts from this Australian artist based in New York, take the form of faultless white leaves or flowers in a complex ensemble. Similar to a meditation practice, the viewers are engaged to focus in order to fully admire this perfect density created. The result is flawless, always light and harmonious, offering a real (and rare!) impression of peace and balance.

Simply beautiful… (where the pictures are from)







Hannah Whitaker, Barcroft Branches, 2014

I know… I am a little bit late for this post…
I did the draft yesterday but had no energy after my run to finish it and simply had to sleep shortly after…!
So, let’s do this now, let’s write few words about Hannah Whitaker’s photographs ☺

This American artist experiments photography with a high interest to the structural limitations using in particular the geometry and repetitive pattern for her various subjects (landscapes, portraits, nudes, close up…). For this, she use a clever mechanical process of multiple exposures with sometimes hand cut paper screens.

This is beautifully done: each pictures is perfectly balanced (color, light…), and she succeed by this way to magnify the abstract over the content.

Hannah Whitaker, Barcroft (Taeuber-Arp), 2014


Hannah Whitaker, Blue Paper (Albers), 2014


Hannah Whitaker, Arctic Landscape (Pink Sky), 2014
Hannah Whitaker, Cutouts (Pink), 2014
Hannah Whitaker, Barcroft Branches, 2014


Hannah Whitaker, Trapezoid Portrait, 2014


Hannah Whitaker, Fan Screen (Neutral), 2015


Hannah Whitaker, Winter Landscapes (ML Bendolph), 2014