#ART16 special : Katrin Fridriks and the perfect synergy of colours

There is no photography which can show the true quality of a sculpture and even the best print will never equal the texture and vivid colour of a painting, especially if it has large dimension.

This is particularly true for the works of Katrin Fridriks, who combines and whirl together the colours like no one. Even the basic combination of black and white of her new series New Wave & Gravity bring the spectator in another dimension, with an incredible and violent synergy.

It may reminds Jackson Pollock but this is the opposite of action painting as her pictorial coat is so much more detailed and crafted : absolutely perfect and highly impressive.

Art 16 is closed now but you can go to see her solo exhibition ‘Macrocosm’ at the Lazarides Gallery until the 9th June!

Katrin Fridriks, part of the New Wave & Gravity series, 2015


Katrin Fridriks, part of the New Wave & Gravity series, 2015 – details


Katrin Fridriks, part of the New Wave & Gravity series, 2015 – detail


Katrin Fridriks, Golden awareness n9, 2012


Katrin Fridriks, Arouraíos Kineítai Sýntoma na Mayfair, 2016
Wave & Gravity series : pictures from me
Arouraíos Kineítai Sýntoma na Mayfair and Golden awareness n9 : Arsty and http://www.katabox.com/

Lady Aiko, Sweetheart Bunny 3, 2016

I admire the work of Lady Aiko
The name of this street artist means ‘love’ in Japanese and that’s exactly what she is intend to give us via her art, and this, anywhere she works, from Tokyo to New York passing by the poor quarter of Kliptown in South Africa.
Her varied artworks (in the street, but also in prints, canvases, videos…) are beautifully colourful, a sort of mix of eastern and western pop culture with sometimes traditional Japanese prints with a feminist twist.
And how not to fall for her rabbits holding an aerosol paint ???

If in London, you may see some of her work on sale at the excellent Lazarides Gallery until the 24th March!!

Pictures from Arsty and here also… and Kumi Contemporary

Lady Aiko, Girl With Bow In Hair, 2015


Lady Aiko, Pin-up 1, 2014
Lady Aiko, Sweetheart Bunny 3, 2016
Lady Aiko, Kliptown, South Africa 2013 – (Photographed by Martha Cooper and AIKO)
Lady Aiko, The Bowery Wall. New York 2012


Lady Aiko, Time Changes Canvas, 2008