The ‘Undressed’ series of Antonio Sannino

After spending a week in Barcelona and absolutely loved every single moment of it (the atmosphere, seeing friends who live there, the food, but especially the light (!!!), the sun (!!!), the heat (!!!), and the sea (!!!), in few words: the quality of life), coming back to grey London with its long and expensive commute, the cold, the rain, flat-sharing being a necessity… is harsh.

London is a crazy bitch: insatiable, expensive, but always renewing herself at a speedy pace, and gosh! I love her for it. However for me today, she is similar to one of the city landscapes of Antonio Sannino. Still beautiful, but so grey and tired by its energy accumulated over the years, anonymous, cold and without much horizon…

Argh, damned you holiday blues… !

Images: © Antonio Sannino and Liquid Art System

Antonio Sannino, Undressed 79, 2016


Antonio Sannino, Undressed 11


Antonio Sannino, Undressed 6


Antonio Sannino, Undressed 18, 2016


Antonio Sannino, Undressed 10


Antonio Sannino, Undressed 63, 2014

The retro-technology portraits of Nick Gentry

Because today is an IT day for me, I like to remember my old Amstrad computer with its DOS system, cd (command) language and large floppy discs, playing Gryzor and other Indian Missions games…

We don’t use nowadays floopy discs, not much more film negatives, VHS cassettes… but this is the support for the British artist Nick Gentry to construct beautiful portraits and a clever way to remind us how fast technology evolves.

Plus, you can also contribute to his artwork (and help to recycle!) as the artist is currently creating a series of portraits using film negatives and therefore need material! So, if you have any that you are not using, please feel free to send them to him @ Nick Gentry, Studio 11, Britannia Works, 56 Dace Road, London E3 2NQ.

Sources and Copyrights : Nick Gentry

Nick Gentry, Surface, 2014
(Vintage film negatives, x-rays, microfilm, spray paint and resin on two glass panels in LED lightbox)


Nick Gentry, D Base, 2013
(Oil paint & used computer disks on wood)


Nick Gentry, Light Years, 2013
(Film negatives, x-rays and oil paint on acrylic sheets in vintage wooden LED lightbox crates)


Nick Gentry, Analogue Daydream, 2013
(Film negatives and acrylic paint in LED lightbox)


Nick Gentry, Watch, 2015
Film negatives and acrylic paint in LED lightbox


Nick Gentry, Profile Number 13, 2015
(Oil paint & used computer disks on wood)

#ART16 special : the haunting city lansdcapes of Jeanette Barnes

If you follow my Instagram, you noticed I enjoyed very much Art 16, which took place again at the Olympia in West London.

Smaller than last year, the quality was still high, and as there is lots to talk about, I decided for this week to focus on few artists presented at this fair.

One who strikes me the most is the established Jeanette Barnes: in her depiction of busy cities, people are similar to agitated little ghosts dominated by the metropolis and its massive and stunning architecture.
We can see the influence of the early works of Paul Strand for the theme, but using the medium of charcoal and focusing less on the actual geometry of the architecture, she succeed to input a greater energy leaving the viewer a little bit dizzy in front of this massive urban buzz, but this is also how it is highly attractive!

Jeanette Barnes, Kings Cross Interior, 2016


Jeanette Barnes, Grand Central Station Interior – New York

EXCEPTIONAL @ Scream Gallery, London

‘Exceptional’ may be a big title for an exhibition, but it is rare to see so many talented artists in one show, and to like every single piece exposed.
Each artist exhibited there, has developed their own language in abstract art, working on texture, architectural lines, and making unusual combination of materials such as spray paint with wax.
Visually, their perfect proportions/colors attracted inexorably the eyes, and especially Assembly Instructions of Augustine Kofie, which captivates even more as you progressively discover the different elements composing this piece.
EXCEPTIONAL @ Scream Gallery London, until the 20th May.
Danny Mellor, Within Reach Diptych, 2016


Olivia Turner, EH1 CT1, 2016
Augustine Kofie, Assembly Instructions, 2016


Steve More, White Syntax (viii),  2013


Martina Merlini, Untitled (Grid) 2015