The retro-technology portraits of Nick Gentry

Because today is an IT day for me, I like to remember my old Amstrad computer with its DOS system, cd (command) language and large floppy discs, playing Gryzor and other Indian Missions games…

We don’t use nowadays floopy discs, not much more film negatives, VHS cassettes… but this is the support for the British artist Nick Gentry to construct beautiful portraits and a clever way to remind us how fast technology evolves.

Plus, you can also contribute to his artwork (and help to recycle!) as the artist is currently creating a series of portraits using film negatives and therefore need material! So, if you have any that you are not using, please feel free to send them to him @ Nick Gentry, Studio 11, Britannia Works, 56 Dace Road, London E3 2NQ.

Sources and Copyrights : Nick Gentry

Nick Gentry, Surface, 2014
(Vintage film negatives, x-rays, microfilm, spray paint and resin on two glass panels in LED lightbox)


Nick Gentry, D Base, 2013
(Oil paint & used computer disks on wood)


Nick Gentry, Light Years, 2013
(Film negatives, x-rays and oil paint on acrylic sheets in vintage wooden LED lightbox crates)


Nick Gentry, Analogue Daydream, 2013
(Film negatives and acrylic paint in LED lightbox)


Nick Gentry, Watch, 2015
Film negatives and acrylic paint in LED lightbox


Nick Gentry, Profile Number 13, 2015
(Oil paint & used computer disks on wood)

Humberto Rivas, From the series "Landscapes", Barcelona, 1989

I love Barcelona.
I visited this city the first time with my then boyfriend exactly one year ago. It was sunny, bright, not super warm but warm enough when you live in London. It was a perfect long weekend, getting up late, making love, walking in the town without anything specific in mind and simply discovering at our own rhythm the architecture and get a feeling of the city, stopping for coffee, or sangria and tapas, coming back to the flat for more love making… what a true bliss it was!

He then left me few months later (‘c’est la vie’), and when in September I had the occasion to visit a friend in this city as he moved there, I wasn’t sure to accept it as it would bring back too many memories.
But, hey, I just won 2 nights in a five stars hotel so probably stupid to say no.
So I went, and gosh it was so good again!!!
After feeling like crying the first hours, remembering all about my first trip; the sun, the heat (and true heat this time), the beach, the sea with the perfect temperature, and walking there just by myself and then meeting my friend and laugh with him so much: it all made me feel reborn, alive!!!
No more tears but simply a big smile!!

Tonight, I am meeting my very best friend as we are planning to go together to Barcelona this coming July, and ‘funny’ enough, it is today that my actual boyfriend announce me he accepted an amazing job offer in… Geneva. It is indeed a super opportunity for him and he should go there for sure, but even if I like him very much, I am not sure about long distance relationship… especially as I date him for not such a long time.

I was looking therefore for a picture to cheer me up but I think the closest of my mood today is this picture from Humberto Rivas.
In this black and white photography, we can feel trapped in the shadows of this immense architecture where the only escape seems to be the bright sea, and gosh! I need this escape today more than anything else!

Humberto Rivas, From the series “Landscapes”, Barcelona, 1989

Picture from Artsy

DAIN, Love de Brighton Beach, 2013

When I was a student at Sussex Uni, in Brighton, I wasn’t much found of this city: too quiet, too small, too cold and windy, transport quite expensive also… London was settled in my heart for many years already and with master of research to do, I was simply dreaming to have my time in this small town over, once for all.
However, my last minute weekend trip with my boyfriend in Brighton was a bliss! It was sunny an not windy, peaceful, delightfully small, but also friendly, easy to chat with people and having a beer or two on the way (and few tequila shots too..!? please, don’t ask!) and the sea, my friends, the vision of the vast sea!!!!! Such a wonderful change from London!

Now, goes Monday morning with my everyday commute, my 9am meeting, usual Monday tasks… (and therefore along my weekly morning blues) and all this joy seems now to fade away.
Therefore, maybe best to share the art of the week, with a very impermanent art too: street art pictures.

One of my favourite street artist is the American DAIN for his representation of beautiful and classy women, who are a little bit out of space on our urban walls. Putting the accent on the eyes and the lips, he uses collage in addition of the paint and graffiti to compose and animate them fully, for a more dramatic language.


Please, read here his interview with Station 16 to learn more about his persona and methods.
Pictures from Artsy.

DAIN, Transformational, 2014


DAIN, Left Handed, 2014


DAIN, Untitled, 2014


DAIN, Love de Brighton Beach, 2013


DAIN, The Crack In Me, 2013
DAIN, If The Shoe Fits, 2014


DAIN, Dos Vino Taylor, 2012