Mood of the day : Portishead, SOS

I know, not very cheerful, but…


Parra for Cuva, Darwis, 2016

As I had during my commute this morning a proper headphone moment (basically when you stop everything you do, and just focus on the music you are listening to, while highly enjoy it), I thought I would share 🙂

The track was ‘Sacred Feathers’ from Parra for Cuva (ak.a. the German producer and DJ Nicolas Demuth). I already knew him for his excellent version of ‘Wicked Games’ but he released few months ago his new album titled ‘Darwis’ and this is pure joy for your hears!

A Darwis or Dervish, is a member of any of the various Muslim ascetic orders which exists in Sufism, and they are renowned for performing whirling dances and vigorous chanting as acts of ecstatic devotion.

The music of Parra for Cuva is quite different of course but it has a travelling and meditation vibe, so rich in sounds, that makes your mind whirling again and again… !

Happy Fête de la Musique everyone !!!!

As today is Make Music Day, also known as World Music Day or Fête de la Musique (en version originale, s’il vous plait…! 😉  I was looking for a good piece of art related to music for my post but… come on! They are too many!!!

So, because music and visual art is all about sharing and also diversity, let’s share randomly some of my favorites ones below.

Happy Fête de la Musique everyone !!!!

David Rathman, Blow Out That Cherry Bomb, 2014
© Morgan Lehman Gallery
Ben Stern, Benny Goodman, 1958
© Staley-Wise Gallery
Alec Monopoly, Colorful DJ, 2012
© Guy Hepner
Hung Liu, Queue Band , 2014
© Turner Carroll Gallery
Sylvie Fleury, Sunshine, Lollipop and Rainbows, 2012
© Salon 94
Andy Warhol, Beethoven 391, 1987
© Guy Hepner
Maria Porges, Short Story 68, It’s Winter, Raining Hard, 2016
© Seager / Gray Gallery
Gabriele Lockstaedt, The Concert, 2012
Chema Madoz, Untitled (Copa-Nota), 2007
© Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art

and finally, this post wouldn’t be complete without now one of my favorite songs of all time…