The retro-technology portraits of Nick Gentry

Because today is an IT day for me, I like to remember my old Amstrad computer with its DOS system, cd (command) language and large floppy discs, playing Gryzor and other Indian Missions games…

We don’t use nowadays floopy discs, not much more film negatives, VHS cassettes… but this is the support for the British artist Nick Gentry to construct beautiful portraits and a clever way to remind us how fast technology evolves.

Plus, you can also contribute to his artwork (and help to recycle!) as the artist is currently creating a series of portraits using film negatives and therefore need material! So, if you have any that you are not using, please feel free to send them to him @ Nick Gentry, Studio 11, Britannia Works, 56 Dace Road, London E3 2NQ.

Sources and Copyrights : Nick Gentry

Nick Gentry, Surface, 2014
(Vintage film negatives, x-rays, microfilm, spray paint and resin on two glass panels in LED lightbox)


Nick Gentry, D Base, 2013
(Oil paint & used computer disks on wood)


Nick Gentry, Light Years, 2013
(Film negatives, x-rays and oil paint on acrylic sheets in vintage wooden LED lightbox crates)


Nick Gentry, Analogue Daydream, 2013
(Film negatives and acrylic paint in LED lightbox)


Nick Gentry, Watch, 2015
Film negatives and acrylic paint in LED lightbox


Nick Gentry, Profile Number 13, 2015
(Oil paint & used computer disks on wood)

Mood of the Day: Han Yajuan, Error 404, 2016

If you read this blog few times, you know I am often working closely with IT and today is one of the day, where nothing works properly: printer in slow motion, mobile phone not responding, server down, connection failing… should be linked, you tell me? Nope, all these elements are completely separated : different countries, different servers, different suppliers…!!
Aaaaargh (–> scream of despair)

Han Yajuan, Error 404, 2016

Image ©

The technological mandalas of Leonardo Ulian

The last few days have been intense at work and no time to write anything!
This is impressive how a PA/EA role can be diverse: I never thought I would have to work so much with IT and with a lot of setup/repair of ipads and phones ! (and the geek inside me actually enjoyed it..!)

So as this is Friday, still working, but on the way to the calm weekend, let’s share today the technological Mandalas from Leonardo Ulian.

A mandala is a spiritual symbol for the Universe that we find in both Hinduism and Buddhism, a sort of cosmic diagram, usually square with a circle in the middle and full of geometric pattern. But this is not just a pretty drawing, it is also a guidance tool for meditation, and the notion of wholeness and space.

Of course, not every contemporary mandala have such deep notions, and the ones from Leonardo Ulian may seems far from it with all its little transistor, wiring, capacitors,… but it is as hypnotic, colourful, and maybe an interpretation of our 21st c. universe, where technology reigns.

Leonardo Ulian, Technological mandala 62 – Elio, 2015
Leonardo Ulian, Technological mandala # 38, 2014
Leonardo Ulian, Technological mandala 19, 2014

He also explored in a more interactive way our relation with technology in the installation made few years ago at the Zabludovwicz collection in London, for the group show “A Sense of Things”. There, the mandala is connected to 3 radios, which then generate a sound according to the place where the spectator stand in the room.

To have a better overview on this, please have a look on this video he made for the occasion: Technological mandala 42 – random relay from Leonardo Ulian on Vimeo.

Pictures from Artsy