#ART16 special : the ‘Hollywood stills’ of Paul Davies

Loving the minimalist architecture, especially the Farnsworth House of Mies Van der Rohe (‘Less is More’ Forever! 😉 or the Fallingwater house of Frank Lloyd Wright, it is easy then to be agape with admiration in front of Paul Davies’ art, while screaming inside “I want!”.

In ‘Hollywood stills’, quintessentially Southern Californian villas are set in beautiful natural elements, and as he using the cheerful colours of the American 50’s (did you say pop culture?), we would love to settle in, having a cocktail in a Martini glass near the pool…

Paul Davies, Shooting Stars, 2016


Paul Davies, Home Pool, 2015


Paul Davies, Home Mirror Flip, 2015


Paul Davies, Forest Flip, 2016

I like Maxwell Snow…

I’ll admit, I discover this artist by faffing on Internet… and while I was looking for more information about him online, I get a little bit confused as I wasn’t sure if this Maxwell was a fashion designer, photograph, same as Max Snow, same person seated next to an Olsen girl (?), brother of Dash Snow (?)

Truth is, I don’t care about that much: I usually like the pictures with his name next to it, and this is enough for me.
I like his portraits, his black and white, the collages… It all brings you in another world, a kind of crazy one, often violent but without being shocking, and very American in my view for the light and theme chosen.
Nothing extraordinary either but still… it works!!!


Maxwell Snow, Portrait (Iggy Pop), (?) 
Maxwell Snow, Untitled TBT, 2013
Maxwell Snow, Editorial, (?) 


Maxwell, Snow, the Lady of Shalott, (?) 


Maxwell Snow, New York (Pleasure!), 2016 (?)