Thank you Jason Dodge

Because today I really wanted to stay in bed under my warm blanket, to continue to sleep without having to wake up, let’s share some of the works of Jason Dodge.

This prolific artist born in the US but currently working in Berlin, likes to combine different objects to take them out of their context and utility.

Adding to this a narrative title, and you find yourself in a weird space, not sure you truly belong here, or what it means, if this is supposed to mean anything,… which help to acquire a good questions marks face.

So, thank you Jason Dodge, I couldn’t find better art works to summarise my day! You got to love art for that 🙂

The pictures below are focusing on the blankets, but his subject is more vast than this, and I encourage you to visit website of the gallery Casey Kaplan in New York where the pics are from. 


#ART16 special : weird and crazy ? yes please!

Because this is Wednesday only, the weather in London is grey and many in the office are currently super stressed, so let’s share ones of the most ‘WTF’ art seen as Art16.

Don’t get me wrong, I like this type of art too; it may be very ugly, weird, nonsense, disturbing, ridiculous but at least, this ‘thing’ makes you react, and this is exactly what art is in my view: a ‘thing’ without any other purpose than making you feel something.
There is nothing worst for an art work than being passed-by and unnoticed I guess!

Yoshiyuki Ooe, Flower Head #3, 2015


Yoshiyuki Ooe, Souvenir


Adrianna Eu, Eles querem seu pescoço [They want your neck], 2016


Jean-Paul Donadini, Brosse arrêtée grise et orange, 2014


Yang Maoyuan, Camel n° 2, 2014


 Wolfgang Stiller, Matchstickmen (detail)


Liu Bolin, Red Hand


Robert Bradford, Flower Poodle, 2016


Maria Rubinke, Yes You Can’t, 2016